jelayne (jelayne) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Done with Insteads

 Well after some time of trying both, I have given up on Insteads. They just do not work with my body right which means I leak with them quite often.  They were a good stepping stone in getting used to the Diva cup, which I have never leaked with other then first month.  But now am very used to the Diva cup, and doubt I will ever use anything else as it works perfect.

However, I have an almost full box of Insteads if anyone would want them.....particularly if anyone is in Pittsburgh.

Also, anyone using insteads just a reminder to scroll down to other post I made a few months back about thier contest if you are interested......the deadline is this friday and you get a free box of insteads just for entering. More and money if you win. Just want to let people know (no i have nothing to do with the contest, and as I am no longer using insteads, I am not even entering for the free box)
Tags: instead
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