Marija Princip (marijaprincip) wrote in menstrual_cups,
Marija Princip

Hi, I'm a sixteen-year-old first-time user.  Just got my DivaCup today and tried to insert it right away - my first impression was that it was a lot smaller than it had looked, and that I should have no trouble fitting it in.  But I still haven't managed.  I tried a C fold, felt very OW about that, tried the punch-down fold, not much improvement.  I think I just need to focus more on getting it deeper when I insert it, because at this point I haven't managed to get it deep enough that the stem isn't sticking out like a lonely twig.

I'm not menstruating, and I feel like repeated insertions dried me out.  Hopefully not TMI, but when I pulled it out there were little beads of white discharge in it, and now I am impossibly dry all over.  So it is sucking fluids up, even if it's not in quite right.

My mom bought the cup for me from an organic food-buying club she belongs to, and my dad was with her when he picked it up.  He thought it was a diaphragm, lol.  Asked my mom "Are we entering a new phase in our life as a family...?" :)

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