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Instead Cup Removal

I tried my first Insteads yesterday, with moderate success. The only real issue I had was removing it correctly. I couldn't grip it from under the ring, so I had to in from above and stick my finger in the cup to remove it. That was yesterday when my flow was extremely light.

Today, however, I was getting cramps so I decided to remove it for a while. It took me about 20 minutes and eventually had to get my boyfriend to get it out. I think the problem was that my heavy flow had actually made a stronger seal and I just couldn't get around it. My pelvic bone is really long too, so I cannot just slide it out like the instructions say to do.

Has anyone else had issues like this? I really am excited about using the cups, but if everytime is going to be this much of a hassle, I'd rather stay on tampons...
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