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Trading small Lunette for a large Lunette or Diva

After three months of having very similar leakage issues to this entry I've decided that I most likely need a wider cup than my small Lunette Selene. Based on the sizing charts and what's readily available in the US, the DivaCup looks like my best chance of getting something locally. While I can still use my small Lunette on my light days, I'd rather see if anyone would be willing to trade their large Lunette (or possibly large Diva, see below) for mine because of the shipping difficulties of Lunette to the US. Helping someone out and saving money is always a good thing :)

Edit: Thanks to easilydistra for the trade :)

Also, if no one has a large Lunette they're willing to trade, does anyone have experience comparing the small Lunette to a small Diva? According to the size chart, there's only a 2mm difference in width, which I'm not sure is enough to fix my leakage problem. The large Diva has the same width as a large Lunette (5mm wider than my current cup) so would I be better off getting a large instead? I don't think the length would be a problem for me since my Lunette rides up pretty high anyway, so that may be a trade option as well.

As previously mentioned, I've used my cup for 3 cycles (documented in this post. It's a small Lunette Selene (the blue color) which was limited edition so I'm not sure if you can still buy them from the company. I normally clean it with isopropyl alcohol in between cycles, but I would boil it or perform any other cleaning methods you'd prefer prior to shipping. After you post a comment here, I will contact you in a private message with shipping information, etc. Thanks!
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