morejellytoast (morejellytoast) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Divacup newsletter

Hey everyone! I just received a newsletter from the Divacup cmopany and I thought I'd share! They say that there is going to be an article about menstrual cups in a magazine.

Have you met resistance when you tout the virtues of The
DivaCup®? It happens, but fortunately more women are open
to this great alternative than ever before. First for Women
(a magazine that is available in grocery stores and pharmacies
nationwide and reaches over 4 million women!) will publish
a feature article on the menstrual cup concept in their
August 24th issue. It will be available on newsstands August 3rd.

We believe this article has the potential to dispel many of the
misconceptions about this revolutionary concept. This 2 page
article can be great for you to use to get the word out!

Watch for our ads in Lucky magazine (August) and in
Body and Soul

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