anarcyacid (anarcyacid) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Stem cause of discomfort?

This probably sounds lame but I am not sure if the stem is the cause of my discomfort or maybe I don't have the cup in right. I got my diva cup 2 days ago right as my cycle ended, kind of. I am having odd spotting off and on constantly due to coming off depo after 8 years. I only had a 2-3 day VERY light (almost never even needed a pad or tampon at all) during the time I was taking shots so this is like being a kid who got their period for the first time all over again.  Maybe 2 periods a year.

I am 26, sexually active for many years, and this diva cup (size1) feels HUGE. I can hardly get a finger in to swirl around it to make sure it is open, no turning, but I was able to get it back out and reinsert. The second time (currently) it didn't feel like much for the first couple hours but it is starting to poke? But it feels like it's poking the wall? Last time I took it out it felt like the cup was in crooked pointing to one side. Do you think what I am feeling is the stem poking?
Tags: divacup, first time use, insertion - painful or problems

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