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From a LadyCup to a Lunette

Though I used to use a small LadyCup with great success, switching birth control methods (from Ortho Tri-Cyclen Lo pills to a Paragard IUD) led to a sharp increase in menstruation, and my LadyCup was no longer cutting it. I needed a menstrual cup with a higher capacity to handle my newly-heavy flow. Ideally, I wanted this new cup to have similar dimensions to my LadyCup, which had fit inside of my narrow vaginal canal perfectly. I also wanted to find a cup with a similar shape to my old one. A small Lunette fit the bill perfectly. Though it is only slightly larger than the small LadyCup that I was using, the Lunette's capacity was nearly double that of the LadyCup. In addition, their shapes were very similar and the Lunette cup's stem look more comfortable than the stem on the LadyCup, which I had cut off.

After deciding that the small Lunette cup would be my best bet, I found out that the Lunette manufacturers were no longer shipping to the U.S., nor were any of the popular cup vendors online. Thankfully, I was able to locate a web store that is based in the Netherlands that was willing to ship to the United States still. Within two days of ordering my Lunette it was shipped out, costing just over $40USD, including shipping charges. Exactly two weeks later my cup arrived in Washington state!

I have used my Lunette through one menstrual cycle already, and am now using it for a second. I have also used it to catch normal discharge between periods a few times. Overall, my new cup has worked wonderfully. It took a bit of time to get used to the stem, as I had completely removed the stem on my LadyCup, but within a few days of use it no longer bothered me. The Lunette pops open well, even better than my old cup, using the 7-fold. Removal has been smooth; I simply tug the stem gently while bearing down. Once the bottom of the cup is in reach I grasp it with my middle finger and my thumb, pinch down, and continue to bear down with my vaginal muscles while rocking the cup side to side to break the seal. I have had no leaking, save for one time when I was asleep and my cup filled. The capacity of the cup is great, and I rarely need to empty it more than a couple times a day.

In all, I am highly satisfied with my new Lunette!

Tags: heavy blood flow, lunette, success stories
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