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Going Back To Cups Now...

Ok, so I'm all healed up and I think I'm ready to try going back to cups now...  But I also wanted to give out some advice on being super gentle with your body during your cycle when using cups, because being too fast / rough appears to be what got me into trouble...  

I had to use ONLY cloth pads for the past 3 periods, because I was letting my body get back on track.  Shortly after I started using cups for the first time, I started skipping periods...  Turned out my cervix was "irritated" or "rubbed raw", and an infection developed as a result. 

Quite honestly, I do NOT blame cups...  I blame my excessive "dry runs" trying to master it perfectly when I got my very first cup.  Guess I was just really excited about it, and I wanted to be a total master before my next cycle began.  I also blame the fact that, after my first cup-based period finally came, I emptied it like every hour, even when I didn't need to.   When really, even on a heavy day, I can usually go 3 hours without changing it, so I admit I should have chilled out a bit.  I was also using a lube that contained glycerine, which I've since been told is a no-no.   Plus, I was being sort of rough with my cup.  We know it was irritation-related because there was nothing in the tests that indicated anything else.  

Another thing that I suspect, was that I was flipping my cup inside-out, and leaving the stem fully attached...  Since my cervix comes down REALLY low during my cycle and sits deep inside the cup...  I'm thinking that perhaps the stem was jabbing my cervix and irritating it as I moved around...?   

So basically, this time, I'm going to try it again.  I'm going to use only water for lube and keep VERY close tabs on how far apart my periods are spaced.  Been tracking them carefully since December.  And after I got the antibiotic shot-- BOOM, my periods returned to normal, every 33 days like clockwork.  Actually, they are more regular now than the ever were before in my life, lol.  I guess I just have to be nicer to my insides when taking the cup in and out.  Like go slower, be gentle, and change it only when I need to.  Its not a race, after all, lol...   Cups are sooo awsome, and I love the way they work.  So I guess the moral of the story is, we gotta show special care, and not assume that our bodies are tougher than what they are.

My next cycle is due to start around July 28th, so I guess I'll use either my mooncup UK, or my DivaCup...  No offense to pads, but...  Vloth or disposable, I HATE using only pads, lol.  Too messy.  I prefer internal products.   So yeah, just hoping this will provide safety tips for everyone.  Anyone else had experiences like this?
Tags: chafing/irritation, health risks, insertion, removal

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