Kristen Ann (applepie04) wrote in menstrual_cups,
Kristen Ann

Possibly gross but curious...

 I am just curious, has anyone ever been gassy and actually feel it in their cup while it's in? I was feeling this last night and it just felt like a huge air bubble that wasn't coming out. Very weird.

Also, even more gross, every time I remove my cup there's a LONG string of menstrual ickyness just chillin', being pulled from my cup. Once I get the cup completely out it's just hanging there on my vag dropping into the toilet. Is this normal? It's super gross to see that and I'm just trying to figure out the cleanest, quickest way to get my cup in and out. 

And on a related note...I'm pretty good at removing my cup now but it seems to take forever for me to clean it, myself, fold, and get it back in. Mostly the cleaning process is time consuming. Any recommendations for speeding it up or is it just more of a "practice makes perfect" thing?
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