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cup use after 2 vaginal births

To start off, this site is GREAT! I just wanted to post a success story for those that have given birth and are new to cups. It seems like there's less of us. I've been lurking/reading for about 3 months and bought a Diva cup (large) after poring over the info here.
My info: 33 yrs old, 5' tall, 2 vaginal births (2002 -had 4th degree laceration; 2005 - had 2nd degree laceration.) Since having my kids my periods have been 9 days long, 2 days of that really heavy (soaking a super plus tampon an hour.) I've used tampons and disposable pads for years. Like others, I hated tampons for the risk of TSS and for drying me out. Plus after about 4 days of using disposable pads, I'd develop a rash.
I read through posts here for about 2 weeks and was worried that a cup might not work since my vagina seemed very stretched out and different after having my kids. I decided to buy a Diva cup (large) because of it's capacity and availability here in the US. After I got it, I tried a few dry runs on three different days and now have used it through 2 periods.
During the first period with it, I could definitely feel the cup when it was in and I could tell it was pressing on my urethra and I was worried about UTI's. During the second period with it, I can barely feel it. My cervix sits inside my cup and the bottom of the cup is at the opening of my vagina. When I have a bm, the cup definitely moves way down so I just take it out. I use the C fold and I have trimmed almost all of the stem off. I just barely insert the cup and then let it open up and then shove/kegel it up to my cervix. At first I was only running a finger around the bottom of the cup to check the seal, but now I can get a finger all the way up to the rim to make sure my cervix is fully in the cup and to try to get rid of 'residual slobber'. I can spin my cup, but don't always remember to.
I LOVE my cup! I couldn't even get out of the shower, dry off and get a tampon in before bleeding all over the bathroom floor on my heaviest days. Now I can just pop my cup in and out while in the shower and there is no mess. I've also been able to track exactly how much blood I'm losing each cycle and now know I need to call my gyno to check out why I'm losing so much.  I've not had many leaks and overall the cup is worth the money spent and I feel so clean and FREE for most of my period.
I've also switched to cloth pads and they are SO worth the initial cost and extra work to clean them. I'm trying to tell/convert all my girl friends/relatives.

Sorry this is so long, I'm new to this posting stuff and don't know how to hide stuff behind a cut.
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