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Ladycup Exchanges?

 Hi everyone!  I found this community half a year ago and learned about menstrual cups for the first time, but didn't get serious about wanting to buy one until now, so I have been reading a lot of the posts here.  Thanks to all the information that everyone has provided!

I have a question regarding purchasing a Ladycup and forgive me if it has already been discussed, but I was unable to find anything in doing a search, so thought I would ask it here.  

On Ladycup's own website (, it says "Should you choose the wrong size, we will replace the LadyCup® you purchased with another size."  Does this mean Ladycup will exchange it for free?  Or does this mean you can exchange it, but you will be charged for the second cup?  Has anyone done this and if so, what were your experiences?

I am looking at this option because I am not sure which size I should get.  I would like to get the larger size due to the capacity, but am not sure if it will be too long for me.  I would like the option of being able to switch to the smaller size if the larger one is too long for me. 

Also, I understand that Ladycup also sells their own merchandise over eBay.  Does anyone know if the exchange policy holds on the eBay purchases or not?  I would think that it does not apply to the eBay purchases, but just wanted to see if anyone knew for sure.

Thanks! :)

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