zombiebait (vampireborg) wrote in menstrual_cups,

cup removal

My name is Amy and I've been using Insteads since I saw their infomercial on latenight TV in 2000 and ordered a sample. They weren't so bad until I got an IUD last year, and between that and the part where I'm PCOS and went from 2 periods a year tops to having one a month - and heavier ones at that - I was finding they weren't working for me anymore. I just bought a model 2 Diva yesterday and am in love. No leaking so far, it just popped right into place, and the geekoid in me loves that it's marked for measurements on the inside.

The only issue I've had is trying to remove it. I'm kind of automatically trying to pull it out the same way I would an Instead, which is not working since it has stronger suction and ow, also I'm afraid I'll pull my Paragard out with it. The best I've been able to come up with is to kind of pinch the bottom a bit to break suction, what other ways could I try? Thanks.
Tags: iud, removal
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