gaanddewsmom (gaanddewsmom) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Hello all!

I am very new to LJ and to the idea of using a menstrual cup...but I am very excited and can't wait for the opportunity to use it!

I have searched all over for an answer to my question, with no luck.  So here goes!

I am 2-1/2 weeks post partum with my second baby (a beautiful, 9lb baby boy!) and the lochia flow has subsided considerably!  The only problem now is that it is a lot like spotting.  It comes on for a little bit, then is gone.  It's SUPER unpredictable!

The problem with this is, I have NEVER been a fan of pads!  I feel a lot like my little boy in his diaper!  It's horrible!  And it's summer, which just seems to make things that much more noticable!

I know that you are not allowed to wear tampons during this lochia flow, but does anyone know if I can use my menstrual cup?!  I would ask  my OB, but he's on vacation for another two weeks!!

Any information, thoughts or experience on this subject would be great!  Thanks for all the great information on this site, again, I'm so pumped about getting to use my cup!
Tags: postpartum

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