Cainariel (cainariel) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Back up cup?

At the beginning of this month my friend came into town to visit. As luck would have it, she was arriving about a week before my period was supposed to start but I thought I'd grab my cup anyway, just in case. For some reason I always experience a sort of synchronizing thing with this particular friend. Sure enough, after being in her presence for less than 15 hours, I started my period while we were out sightseeing...and realized that I'd forgotten my cup.

Out of habit, I still carry around tampons and pads with me so I sucked it up (after a brief whine session in the bathroom) and went back to 'the old way' of doing things. That first day was fine. I rushed back home after we finished touring around and put my cup in. No big deal. After four months of doing this, I thought I had everything under control.

The very next day, my period was out of whack. On the second day of my period I normally change my cup about three times. I ended up changing it *eight* times that day as I figured out that my period was quite a bit heavier. Keep in mind, that because my cervix sits in my cup (clobbering my capacity) and I don't like overflow, I usually try to change my cup when I feel I'm around 7 or so mL (I can hold out to 12, but at 15 I start leaking). Side note: while changing my cup at school I quickly became afraid of those toilets that flush automatically. If I were to drop my cup one day and the toilet flushed...I shudder to think about what that would mean.

Here are questions for you:
1. Has anyone ever experienced a higher-flow day after having a tampon in?
2. While I love my cup, I don't necessarily want to carry it around constantly. Does anyone keep a 'back up' cup with them that will hold them over until they can get back to their 'main' cup? If so, where do you keep it? It's pretty hot here and I don't know how cups respond to heat. When I'm inside it wont be a problem, but when I'm in the car (my AC's been broken for forever) I worry about my cup being damaged. I know I can boil the cup, so heat shouldn't be a problem, but I don't boil it for longer than five minutes. On a longer car ride I don't know how a cup would fare.
3. If you do have a back-up cup, did you choose the same as your original? If not, why?

Thanks guys! I should be back in a few weeks to give an update on my first vacation with the cup!

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