Emii (purplefog) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Menstrual Cups on Channel 4

I couldn't find this already posted, but apologies if I missed the entry!

I was watching Embarrassing Bodies on Channel 4 a couple of nights ago and they were talking to some girls in their mid-teens about periods. They addressed the usual stuff - cramps, length of period, how much you bleed... and then they looked at sanitary products and I was interested to see a Mooncup UK sitting on the table amongst the pads and the tampons. They didn't spend long talking about it but rounded it up with "...and that's how it works, if you fancy that."

Unfortunately the example they were showing these girls was quite obviously a large cup, and the girls were all teeny, petite size 8 chickies who couldn't have been taller than 5'3 at most, and you could visibly see a couple of them thinking:

"Wait... I'm supposed to be able to get THAT thing up my bits? If I can use that while I'm a virgin... how big is a fracking penis?!" O.o

So, Channel 4 - good intentions, poor choice of example cup!

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