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Hi all, I'm new here, as well as being new to the menstrual cup experience. I initially bought one (a Divacup, size 1) in preparation for a trip I'm taking next month. My friends are I will be going to lots of beaches and theme parks, so when I counted the weeks and realized I was going to have my period while we were away, I began considering the cup as a alternative to just wearing tampons all the time. I've had my period for a few days now and all is going well so far; haven't had any leaks or anything so I'm pretty sure I'm getting the seal right. Thursday night was my first time trying to use it and I had a lot of trouble getting it in, but I was very tired and I'm also a virgin so that doesn't help. Friday night though I managed to get it in and it worked great. When I emptied yesterday morning, I had a very hard time getting it out (I think b/c I didn't break the seal properly, which I'll be sure to do next time). But I'm also 90% sure I broke my hymen on the way out b/c I cleaned myself up and everything and there still lots of blood and it felt as though there was a tear down there. I'm feeling better today and the bleeding stopped, but I left the cup out most of yesterday to let it heal a little.

Overall though, I'm a satisfied customer!
Tags: first time use, success stories
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