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Mooncup(US) leakage

Hi. :)
I've had my cup for... maybe 4 or 5 months. It's the smaller model, because I'm 13. But I'm thinking maybe a different brand or model, because the one I try to use now leaks every time. And when it does leak, it's a lot. I go and check it, it's never full. So when I want to go swimming, I don't really want to use a tampon, I hate those, but I know my cup would leak.
I don't know what I'm doing wrong. I twist it once I insert it, I know it pops open. Maybe it's not suctioning? When I feel up in there, it feels kind of more... open. Like it widens before my cervix, or something. I dunno, I might be just imagining that, lol. I can't feel it when it's in, and most of the time my servix sits in it. I once tried to position it lower, but it seemed to just move up.
I do want to try another brand, but I'd have to ask my mom to pay for it, and she'd talk about how I wish I'd told her it wasn't working before the 3 months period where I could have returned it. I mean, I could pay for it myself, but... yeah. Maybe I could try a Ladycup? I would need something shorter than a Diva, because my vagina isn't very long at all.
I'm mostly using my cloth pads, because I've gotten a little tired of my cup leaking on me. The cloth pads work for me fine, but I'd love to be able to use a cup.
Any help?
Tags: leakage & spotting
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