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Uncomfortable Insertion

 Ok so I just used my BlueCup for the first time and, as was expected, I had a few insertion problems and could use some helpful suggestions.

I seemed to get it in fine but the first time there was a LOT of pressure, sort of like a speculum feeling. Then it suctioned perfectly but the bottom of the cup was sticking outside of my vagina. So I got it out and tried a few more times. 

Trying the C-Fold (first time was Punch Fold) I got it in but I had to pee REALLY bad. Then I couldn't. This led me to thinking that I inserted it straight up as opposed to back so I took it out, washed it because it was a tad messy, then re-inserted it.

As of now I am in the bathroom and not feeling too comfortable. The bottom of the cup + stem are sticking out of me and I can definitely feel it when I am sitting down or even walking. It's not that uncomfortable, but a tampon is looking pretty good right now. Should the cup be sitting this low? Should I try getting it higher up? If it's that high I have a problem fitting my fingers into my vagina to check for the rim and I don't want to accidentally hit my IUD strings. 

I'm going out of town to a wedding this weekend and want to be able to use it. I will definitely bring tampons and pads just in case. Some help will be much appreciated. I'm not ready to give up yet and will try again in the morning. Thanks!
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