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I fail at cutting so please forgive me if this breaks again.
< lj-cut text="questions and a posative doctor!">First, my question
I'm getting an IUD soon, and I should ask this of the sister community, but is there a number of periods that I should have with just the IUD before adding the cup because of the possability of the cup polling out a newly inserted IUD?

You ladies will like this after the not so nice comments from a fello journaler's doctor from a few weeks ago. I went in to see my Gyn today, and I asked her about the use of the cup with an IUD, and she said no trouble, and then went on to say that she'd not met to many organic ladies like us. She then went on to tell me about the insteads and how excited she was when they came out and how she bought a bunch and then menapause hit and she was sad. Yay for finding awsome gyns out there who don't think we're crazy or unsanitary!
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