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Leakage and removal help!

So, i've been using the Mooncup UK (B, as i'm 18 and no kids) for a few months now, and i've had no problems until now. (This is a great community btw, it helped answer many of the questions when I was first starting out!)

My first problem is leaking. I insert the mooncup using the punch down fold, and then when it's in, I move my finger round the cup and then press inwards to release the fold, thus causing a suction. This has helped me before with no leaks, but now it's leaking! And when I take the cup out, it's only half full. I've checked all the holes to see if they were blocked, but they weren't. This leads me onto my next main problem.

 Removal. When i first used the mooncup, I kept the stem intact and used to take it out by pulling on the stem, and pressing my finger against the the side of the cup to release the suction. Although this lead to all the contents of the cup not spilling, as the rim is huge, it used to hurt. So then after a while I cut the stem (because it was pinching me. Ouch!) and then I started using the C fold to take it out. This lead it to be less painful, but I find that as i'm pulling it out, blood spills onto my hand and it looks like a murder scene! I can't keep all the contents of the cup from spilling onto my hand, as when i'm squishing the cup into the C fold, this pushes the contents upwards, and when it's halfway out, the blood dribbles onto my hand. As a result of this, I can't tell whether the leaking is from the suction not forming (although I check and it hasn't leaked before), or if the cup is too full (because by removing it used the C fold, I find that if the cup is half full, but I think that the other half of blood has run down my fingers)


Sorry for the long post, and I know, TMI! So I guess my main problem is removal, as I can't seem to remove the cup with all the contents in the cup, and not all over my hand! I have heavy periods btw, and before using the mooncup, I used to have to change my pad every 2 hours. Also, I wear my mooncup high up, as everytime I try to keep it low, it always migrates up.

I hope I explained it well and it's not too confusing

Tags: heavy blood flow, leakage & spotting, mooncup (uk), removal, seal & suction
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