Kristen Ann (applepie04) wrote in menstrual_cups,
Kristen Ann

Tips for first time user w/ IUD

 Hi all! So I finally got my BlueCup late last week and my stubborn first post-IUD period seems to be starting, about a month over do. I've had spotting for the past 4 days which finally got heavy this afternoon, but once again tapering off to near nothing. Hmm...

Anyway, so because it seems as if I'm starting I would like to try using my menstrual cup. At the very least to catch the spotting fluids I've been having that has ruined several pairs of panties. I've been looking up videos on how to do folds and insert the cup properly. Are there any tips on inserting the cup with the IUD? What should I do with the strings? How should I insert it? What should I do upon removal? 

I've already used a couple tampons with no problems so I'm hoping the cup goes the same way. Any IUD users out their with their input would be much appreciated. Thanks! 
Tags: iud

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