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First post: Leakage and messsssssy

Hi all! I've been following this community for a little while now (ever since I heard of Diva cups). I finally got the courage up to buy one and try it out for this cycle which started yesterday...

I kept the stem on for the first few hours but it drove me nuts, so I cut it a bit...still drove me nuts, so I cut it a bit more. Now I can't feel it at all, but I do have to fish around for a bit to find the cup to remove it at times...

Anyway I LOVE the cup and the idea of not having to buy tampons anymore especially since I won't be polluting the environment with them like crazy...but here are my two concerns that I was hoping to get your advice on...

1. leakage. I was hoping to have no leakage but I guess life can't be perfect, right? My cup keeps leaking...it's not a lot, just a little blood on the panty liners, but it's annoying. My cup is no where NEAR full, but it leaks around the cup...am I doing something wrong or is this normal? It seems like I can usually tell when there's leaking too, so I go to the bathroom and yep, I'm right.

2. messiness. ewww. I know it's blood and it's normal, but it grosses me out. When I bear down and fish for the cup, I always come out with the cup and my fingers all messy...looks like a murder scene. I've yet to remove the cup in a public restroom, but I worry about this happening there....is this normal or am I doing something wrong?

Thanks all!
Tags: leakage & spotting
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