Suki(formerly radicalancient) (radicalancient) wrote in menstrual_cups,
Suki(formerly radicalancient)

The only problem I have with menstrual cups :P

[Imagine me saying this with a grin on my face - it really isn't a genuine whine :P]

Today. 10 am.  I put my cup on the sink while bathing, thinking to myself - "I'd better not forget it, my period's due any minute now!"

Well, I forgot it.
And didn't realize I had forgotten it till I went to a friend's place and checked for it - at 6 pm.
I didn't have any pads on me.

Ahhh... the trouble my cup would have got me into.

<i>Can't it just be uncomfortable enough to be felt?</i>

Edit: Since I'm still gloating, and this post is still high up... cup users will never have to face THIS!

Today, I went to a neon themed party. Standing by the UV light, I looked down and realised my pad was glowing through my tights. FML
I mean, really. Poor girl :(
Tags: success stories
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