Khory Bannefin (khorybannefin) wrote in menstrual_cups,
Khory Bannefin

Lamenting the loss of my Diva Cup

Last week sometime I put my cup in my purse expecting shark week to show up eventually. Unfortunately sometime in those days prior the damn thing escaped from my purse! I was hoping I'd just misplaced it or that it fell out of my bag at the boyfriends, but it's nowhere to be found.

Oh the woe!

Using tampons again royally sucks!

They leak way more than my diva ever did, and I forgot what a mess they make! There's no good "clues" when you're leaking like there is with the cup, so the leaks tend to take you by surprise. By golly I'm almost 30 years old and washing my sheets, towels and undies again like I'm 13 and still not used to the damn thing.
Not to mention the anonymity! I mean, I have enough confidence to walk into a Walgreens and buy what I need, but I hate the looks I get from the males in the store... most just get really awkward and pretend like they don't see what I'm holding. Being discreet with a diva cup is easy, there's no tell-tale evidence in the trashcan to show that you're experiencing the red tide, with a tampon however there's leftovers and it's quite annoying.

In a desperate bid for the comfort and convenience that is a cup I'm going on a hunt today in town to see if ANYONE carries them in a brick and mortar store. I tried Wholefoods previously with no luck but I might, just might, get lucky with REI. Here's hoping, I'm definately crossing my fingers because I can't take the rest of my cycle with these cotton pieces of nonsense.

EDIT 14:28 -- REI for the win! Other than sticker shock ($40 w/tax!!!) I'm happily back to being a cup user and 3 days without it was MORE than enough thank you very much.

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