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The main reason I switched to Menstrual cups was because I had been having symptoms of a yeast infection with my last two periods, but no weird discharge.  Just more irritation... sort of like diaper rash (no idea what else to compare it to, sorry lol!).  So this period I have used my Diva Cup... super happy with it!  No symptoms of pain, irritation, itching.... NOTHING!  YAY!

Then today I pulled the Diva Cup out for the morning cleanng etc, and there was definitely unusual discharge going on.  Yeast-like... so Have been having yeast infections all along, and if I hadn't used my cup I would have never known, so Thank goodness for becoming more familiar with our bodies eh?

I am headed to the Doctor tomorrow assuming my period is all over by then.  I am probably going to be the worst patient because some of the common treatments will be impossible... yogurt grosses me out beyond belief.  I would rather eat dog food.  I am considering going off of HBC once I am married, but I wanted to take a Natural family Planning course first and get used to NFP for birth control before going completely off HBC.  So we will see what the Doc says.

Still, I suppose I could cross-post this with success stories if I wanted to, since one of the good things about Menstrual cups is that it keep women a lil more in touch with their cycles and bodies.  That part was certainly a success with me!  Still, total bummer about these yeast infections... I was hoping I would end up being one of those women that never get them, but no such luck!

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