femininewear (femininewear) wrote in menstrual_cups,

MPowercup update

I have been in talks with MPower about possibly stocking them on my website.
As far as I am aware up until now they have been limited to South Africa only.
I have a few concerns about stocking them and I don't think I will stock them - but would value your input on one issue raised.
I asked if they sell them in different sizes and the reply was that there is only one size available. The reason given is this - 

We only have one size - the two size cups are a marketing gimmick. This size is good for most women. We are bringing out a teenage size , smaller and more rounded on the top so as to appear less scary for the younger market.

My views are firstly that this is an outrageous comment to make. Cups come in different sizes so that they can fit different women. This company doesn't appear to understand women's needs and the market that they are selling to. They also contradict themselves by then saying that they are bringing out another size. Also, are the younger market scared of cups!!??


Tags: mpowercup, sizes/size issues

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