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So, I got my replacement Divacup in the mail today (the first one had a crack near one of the holes). And it turns out that the replacement cup has almost the same exact defect as the first one! There's a deep and very noticeable tear in both the inside and outside of the rim above one of the holes.

I'm not even going to bother anymore with trying to get a good Divacup. has fantastic customer service and I know that this is the fault of the Diva company and not iherb. It seems as if Diva sent out a whole batch of defective cups or something, because I have no idea how else this could happen twice to me in a row. I mean what are the odds? And it's interesting that there have been other people on this same community with seemingly the same problem.

So I have to say that just based on the quality of the product, I like my Keeper Mooncup better right now.

Maybe instead of a Divacup, I'll get a Lunette when I have the money and when they become available in the US again.

EDIT: Okay, so as you can see, the Divacup company kindly responded to this post. I guess they just needed to be alerted of the problem.
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