proxigirl (proxigirl) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Two Days in - And Already a Success!

First things first:  I bought the Diva Cup... I didn't even realize there were other brands out there available in Canada until I had already bought it.  Little freaked out about the size, because although I got size one and I am not a virgin so have had much larger things in there (TMI, I know lol!), it just seemed so big compared to say a tampon.  Plus, the first couple times I had it in I could definitely feel it... it felt almost like a constant cramp.

I switched to the punch-down fold, didn't insert it horizontally (well, that wasn't even an option with my vaginal canal, I had no idea what they were talking about lol), but still used the turn to seal like Diva cup recommended.  Now I can barely feel it (it sits lower, so I do notice it if I am thinking about it).  No leaks the past two times, but I still wear panty-liners out of habit from the tampon days.

I never thought I would be one of those people to say I would never go back to tampons/pads, but seriously, unless I absolutely have to, I won't be going back.   I was so tired of trying to pee with a tampon in.... holding that damn string and making sure I wasn't going on myself and trying to figure out how to wipe without dirtying the string, etc, etc.  How gross!

On a brighter note, I have officially decided that if I ever have to teach sex-ed (I am in the education field), at least now when I have to do the "entering puberty" lecture with the girls I can show this option.  They may not be ready for it then, but if it is shown as a normal, not weird option when they are pre-teens, they will be more comfortable with the idea once they do want a better option.

So, just thought I would share my success!  Thanks so much to this community.... I would have never known about the different folds without it, which was the key to my success!

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