incensedstar (incensedstar) wrote in menstrual_cups,

question about itchiness!!

so i have been using my DivaCup for about...7-8 months now, and after I finished my last cycle, I was super itchy and dry for the next four or five days afterwards. i thought it might have been a yeast infection, but i didn't have any of that yeast-scented discharge, and it went away without my having to use monistat or anything like that. i was reading in the tags about itchiness associated with cup use and how it might have something to do with how often i use soap on it. i have been using the same soap, Aveeno Baby wash (unscented) for the entire use of my cup, and it has never affected me before, so I thought it was strange that it would start creating dry, itchiness in my vag this time around. i don't think i did anything differently this cycle, so what could it be? is it a one-time fluke? should i switch what i use to clean it (even though its worked well in the past)? is it sometimes just "normal" to be very itchy and dry sometimes at the end of a cycle, and i've just never experienced it before?
all advice is more than welcome!!

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