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How do I know if I am doing this right?

So first time with the menstrual cup thing (I have the Diva Cup), and this has probably been answered, but I read through and still am not sure if it has.  Anyways, I have two questions....

a)  I tried my cup last night... 9 hours, some leaking, and it wasn't even close to overflowing.  Second time I put it in, I decided to try the seven-fold instead of the C-fold that was recommended in the instructions, and I had a ton of leaking with that one.  As in, I don't think it was blocking anything lol!  After about 45 minutes, I took it out (see second question for main reason for take-out), but I plan on trying again before bed... maybe the punch fold this time.  Should I be able to feel if it is "suctioned" in?  I mean, it feel suctioned on removal, but not really while it is in there, although when I put my finger around it as much as I can, it feels as if it is unfolded.  I tried the turn thing recommended by the Diva Cup instructions, and I also tried kiegels the second time (which seemed tougher than usual with that in there, so maybe I need to work my muscles some more), but obviously it wasn't sealed the second time, and the first time it might have been, but it didn't feel any different then the second time.  So should I be able to tell if it is suctioned in well, and if so, how do I tell?

b)  I always get cramping with my period, but I noticed when I have the cup in, I get a pain in the front of my abdomen.  I don't think it is anywhere near my cervix, despite being the longer brand of cup, since I tried checking with my fingers.  That said, my fingers are on the stubby side.  However, I figured maybe I am inserting it wrong, cuz I totally do not get how to insert something horizontally into my vaginal canal.  It isn't horizontal!  I mean, slightly tilted towards my tailbone I can do, but not horizonally like the instructions said.  So I am thinking I am totally missing something, and maybe wrong insertion is what is causing the pain (andpossibly the leaking too).

The pain isn't anything I can't deal with... seriously, taking a tylenol for it would be overkill, but it is noticable, and paired with my first question, it makes me think I am doing this wrong.  So basically, any tips on knowing I have it sealed would be great, and also any information on what they mean by inserting it horizontally (do they just mean towards the tailbone?)!  Thank you so much!!!
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