smark94 (smark94) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Removal Trouble

Hi There!

This is my first time on Livejournal and with my Diva Cup so I'm really excited!

So anyways, this is my first time with my diva cup and I'm 14 years old.  

The first time I tried my cup I had a bit of trouble inserting at first but then I got it =) Yay! But then the trouble came to removing it. I broke the seal and it came out half way and everything was fine but then it started to hurt because the cup was too 'big'. I think it's because when it is inserted the cup is folded but when I take it out, it isn't. I tried to slide half of the rim out but then the whole rim came out and it really hurt! I'm not sure how to remove it comfortably and when school starts again I'm taking some extra stuff so I'll be staying earlier AND later at school. I really want to be able to remove my cup in a school bathroom so help would be greatly appreciated!

And from the time I've been wearing my cup, I get light to medium cramps and usually I don't get cramps. Could this be because I'm not used to my cup yet?
Tags: cramps, first time use, removal

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