Terri (eccentricterri) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Diva Customer Service Update: my issues resolved

I got an email today from DIVA responding to the email stating that I needed my cup so I would no longer be sending it back. They said they would send a new cup out so that I would not have to wait. I had to email back explaining that I had to modify the stem and the hole that was not punched so I understood that it was not returnable. They were very kind and are still sending the new cup because of the issues that I have been dealing with over the last month. I also do not have to return the modified cup that will fail soon enough. Apparently, they were very interested in this cup because the manufacturing issue was something that they don't normally experience.

I am happy with the resolution and the fact that they acknowledged that since the email showed the issue that my new cup should have been in the mail with a return shipping envelope for return. I figured if I posted my issues with the customer service that I should let everyone know the outcome
Tags: customer service, divacup
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