M. (lickety_split) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Cleaning Question

Okay, so I've started my period and I've been unable to use my cup so far because...

The water heater in my house broke and they won't be able to come and replace it for the next few days! So while I would normally wash my cup with each removal using hot water from the sink (or shower) with soap, I am unable to do so now.

My question: Is there a convenient and effective cleaning method I can use for the next few days until the water heater is fixed? I browsed through the cleaning tags, and I know that there are solutions that people mix up to clean their cups but those seem more like "between cycle" cleaning methods, not "on the toilet" cleaning methods.

I hope someone has some kind of temporary alternative for me because I do not want to go back to tampons after all the chaos I endured learning how to use it correctly. I'm a germaphobe so cold water doesn't really sound like it'd do the job.
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