freznow (freznow) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Cervix movement

Okay, so I know that the cervix changes positions during the cycle, but how much?

I put my lunette in last night, and the stem was sticking out considerably and uncomfortably.  It wouldn't go up any higher, so clearly my cervix was quite low.  This morning, when I got to take it out, it's so high that  I was in past my first knuckle to get a good grip on the stem.  This makes it inconvenient in that I have to leave the stem on in order to take it out (I could probably trim it a little more...), but for the first part of my period, it's sticking out.

Does anyone elses's cervix change positions so drastically?  Do you just deal with the poky stem when your cervix is low?
Tags: cervix position
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