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cup use causing light nausea and dizziness, light pressure in my head and throat

Hi all! I have been reading THE community, and I have to say it is amazing and just great! I found the answers to all my questions! This is my second period trying to use a cup and I am so excited, I really want to be able to use it, I don't ever want to put a tampon on, but something is not right!

I had a large Diva last month, and I experienced a sensation of light pressure and tickling on my throat and light pressure on my head, and light nausea and dizziness. I read here that too much suction or pressure on the cervix could cause this reaction; however, in the entries I read the reaction was really bad with pain and fainting, I never experience any of this.

After reading up I enlarged the Diva wholes, and cut the stem (so that it would not be so high up) and this helped a bit. But I still had the reaction so I got a beautiful Large LilacCup, I thought squishiness and larger wholes would put less pressure and suction. I tried and it was fine, then when I took it out (5 hrs later) and put it back in the reaction was really strong! ;( I could not leave it to sleep with. I tried again this morning and I have the reaction very light, I think I have to put it in a way that does not push or suck up so badly on my cervix. The thing is I don't experience any pain or discomfort in my vagina! And it is a lot better than with the Diva, but I cannot reach that high up to check if it is pressure or suction.

I have tried to pinch the bottom and suck the cup up a bit with my muscles, move it to the sides to let more air in so the suction or pressure will be less (mind you, the pressure on my head and throat), but I cannot accomplish it. My finger won’t get all the way up to the rim to let more air in...

So my questions after a long story...

1 - Has anyone experienced this, does it go away? It is not really something I want to get used to.

2 - How else can I get more air in the cup to release the suction? Is it that I am not doing the pinching, sucking, and moving for long enough?

3 - How would you check if the problem is pressure or suction if you can get your fingers up to the rim (and I can get at least 6 cm in) to check where the cup is with respect to the cervix? Never had any leaks so the rim is all the way around the vagina walls

4 - Maybe I am putting it up too high? How do I know that is high enough (just at the entrance of the vagina?) I would like to wear it as low as possible. I already cut the stem off the LC

5 - Would a stiffer cup help?

Thank you so much! And sorry for the long post!

Tags: cervix position, divacup, first time use, lady cup, seal & suction, stem length/trimming, teething troubles
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