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Mooncup UK to Lunette Switch

I know people often ask, "Did anybody switch from cup X to cup Y?" so here's my switch if anyone wants this particular story.

When I first got a cup, it was either Diva or Mooncup UK - those were the only ones. I went with the Mooncup (small) because it was supposed to be softer and shorter.

It took me about 3 months to get comfortable using it.

Then, a while ago, I LOST it. Fell out of my bag. I felt so stupid, before leaving the house, I saw it in there and thought, "I should put that away." Of course, I lost it somewhere that day. I took lots of papers in and out of the bag. It must have fallen out sometime. I guess someone at work will find an interesting item on the floor.

So - I would have replaced it, but Mooncup UK stopped shipping here and wanted me to buy from the local dealer which was super expensive. So I branched out. Considered a color cup but never quite won on ebay, and it was just before all those other companies started coming out with them.

Finally I got a Lunette from Sarah-May on I wanted a Selene but they didn't have them in small in stock and I was desperate. Customer service was excellent.

The difference is that the Lunette is much, much more flexible than the Mooncup - the Mooncup's big rim gives it a lot more shape. I tried it, and for me, it was really hard to get it to pop open. I had this even a little with the Mooncup with the stiff rim. It was hard for me to get it in and mess with it - I tend to tense up when I'm messing with a cup.

But it did open and all. I am sure I'll like it, but I'm afraid I'll have to go through the learning curve all over again (hopefully faster since I've done it before). Anyone switch cups and have the new one be very different?

I always thought I wanted the softest cup, easiest to insert...but didn't consider the popping open - so keep that in mind. I guess I'm glad I didn't go with a color cup, because they are supposed to be even softer. Lunette seems slightly smaller, and is easier to clean. I had cut the stem off the Mooncup totally, but the soft tab stem, I might be able to leave on, at least partially. It's a pretty cup. The Mooncup is much thicker and sturdier feeling, the Lunette is delicate. Hopefully I'll get used to the change.

So that's my input. Love to hear from others about switching cups. Wish Mooncup hadn't done the shipping thing or I probably would have gotten another. I'll update when I use it a few more times and tell how long it takes to get used to the Lunette.

EDIT UPDATE: I use the regular C fold on the Lunette, which never would have worked with the Mooncup, which I had to punch-down...but the Lunette won't open that way. It is softer so if I fold it that much, it doesn't open. It's also harder to break the seal for me, but it works just as well, and adjustment was a day or so, not like starting over.
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