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Re-occuring Yeast Infection

I've been using my DivaCup for about a year, and have been on HBC for about 4 years. I've never had unprotected sex and both my partner and I are STD free-untested but no symptoms. Last august I got switched to a low estrogen HBC(without me knowing, yay!) and developed a yeast infection-but, the thing is, my body has a really, really high pain tolerance, and is very adept at hiding infections, so I didn't know. It didn't really bother me, occasional itchies but it would go away before becoming a concern. I wasn't sexually active at the time, so I really didn't detect it.
A few months ago when I met my partner and became sexually active again it started really hurting and causing pain. After the first two or three times I couldn't have sex, it was too painful, and the yeast infection came full force. I treated it with Monestat one day (NEVER AGAIN), it was disgusting but seemed to work. After I got my next period- my first after switching back to my High Estrogen HBC-I got another yeast infection, not as bad as the first, though, but by now I had learned to spot the symptoms my body was trying to hide. I started using tea tree oil on my cup before insertion(Again, HIGH pain tolerance made this bearable, it barely hurt!) and it went away. The next period I used the tea tree oil the entire time and didn't get one. This period, however, I ran out-and was on vacation in a spot which isn't exactly well stocked. I had a little I used sparingly, but not enough to fend of a yeast infection. I managed to find a new bottle, but it was too late and the infection had set in. I used TTO and it BURNED like never before, really hurt, I couldn't figure out why. Today I got home and looked with a mirror-there is a sore just below my labia, which is what I'm assuming the oil hurt. It looks like a pimple-not a canker. But this is coupled with soreness of my vagina, made worse I think by having the cup in.
I'm sick of getting an infection after every period! Is there anything I can do about this? I soak my cup in hydrogen peroxide and water for a day or two, and boil it every few months-and lately after every period which is followed by a yeast infection. The infection seems to start when I start taking my HBC pill again after the week of placebos(which I don't take). The tea tree oil works, but ever since the stinging and sore I'm worried abotu using it again?
I'm planning on seeing a natropath, since my doctor will just prescribe me something to bandaid the problem, but is there anything I can do in the meantime?
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