glitterpug (glitterpug) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Mooncup hates Ladycup

Just had my first period with my green ladycup, I have already been using a Mooncup (UK) for almost a year. I had a few dry runs with the ladycup before my period arrvied and didn't envisage any problems with it. To begin with it was fine but after using it overnight there seemed to be a lot of blood on the outside of the cup, it looked as if it had run out of the diagonal holes. Anyway, it hadn't leaked so I wasn't too worried. Throughout the following day I had a bit of leakage and although it wasn't much I would have been happier with a pantyliner if I'd been going out anywhere. 

Because I had never had a single tiny bit of leakage with my mooncup I decided to swap back again next time I emptied out. After a couple of hours I went to the loo and I had massive leakage from the mooncup! I felt like it was getting revenge on me for using another cup. It was really strange because there was plenty of blood inside it and absolutely none on the outside when I removed it so I don't know how it could have leaked, there was just no evidence. My mooncup has also been much easier to insert, pop and remove since I used the ladycup. Its all a bit spooky, its like my mooncup was punishing me by leaking then miraculously rectifying every fault I had with it to stop me using ladycup again. 

Anyway, what I'm really getting at here is does anyone find the direction of the ladycup holes to cause leaks? I know its only my first period with it but I didn't trust it enough to go to work with it in today, I went for my mooncup instead.

Also, does anyone else experience cup rivalry like this?
Tags: coloured lady cups, leakage & spotting, mooncup (uk)

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