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Just gave up on the Diva company

So after having to use alternative choices last month for my cycle, I swore that I would not do that again. I was not waiting another 3 weeks after they received my cup to get the replacement. I think it is really ridiculous to ask for email pictures or the cup back to get the process started. Then after 2 weeks to tell the customer to mail it in and wait another one to two months. So, I just cut the stem off and knocked the hole out that was left in by the manufacturer. I hope the crack in above the other hole will not get worse very fast. I am going ahead to buy the large lady cup with my next paycheck.

I understand the company has to be careful not to be scammed but I have dealt with many companies that will send the replacement first when sending email images back and forth with an envelope for the old item. At least that way the customer doesn't have to wait months when they have already bought a product in good faith. I am just beyond frustrated with the Diva company.
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