chelseaababy (chelseaababy) wrote in menstrual_cups,

I'm so excited for my new cup.. I think.

Hey guys! New user here!!
Just a little intro first: I'm 20, not a virgin and I've had no kids.

Anywho, I've been lurking around here for about two days now and am so happy that I happened to stumble upon this community. It's so informational and helpful. I've decided that I want a Pinkcup after reading about all the cups, and I am currently having a bid war, via ebay, for a S&L Multipack of the Pinkcup. I'm due for my period in about a week and a half, and assuming I win the product (we're at about $30 which is NOT bad for two cups, so I'm stoked) I was just wondering.. if you're in the US, how long did your Ladycup take to get to you?
Also.. I would like to hear some more pros and cons of the Ladycups. I understand they're a bit slippery, but it's nothing you can't overcome, right? Also.. Is the softer silicone in anyway better than the harder silicone?

Thank you :D <3
Tags: buying decisions, coloured lady cups, first time use
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