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Orange Cup vs Lunette Selene (small)

OK. This is my second cycle using a cup. I had a happy period in my fist cycle with the cup when I got used to my small Orange Cup. It leaked only the first day of my period because it was quite heavy. So.....I got a small Lunette Selene because I am petite and cannot use a longer cup than that. Lunette supposedly has a higher capacity than the Orange Cup but the size are quite similar....

OK So I start my second cycle with my sm lunette selene on my first two heavy days.... It leaked!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The first day that it leaked  I just thought I should adjust how to insert because it was hard to pop and I did not feel any suction. So the second day which is the forth of July (today) which I have to be at work 9 hrs. I had to remove and reinsert the cup while at work like 3 times because it won't stop leaking.  Then I had to go to a Jazz in the Park to picnic and watch fireworks  somewhere out of town where restrooms are...ick...! and it won't stop leaking. I checked inside and made sure that it pops but this cup is very squishy that I think if I move a little it will break the seal and it's probably what  had caused it to leak. I had no problem with leaking with my smaller orange cup at all :( It was such a hassel my blood was all over my hands. I took a bottled water with me but there were no place to sit it down so it was horrible.

Lunette selene did catch the blood about almost half of the cup but there are quite amount that leaks. I don't know what I was doing wrong. I don't know if the  cervix just sit inside the cup which takes all the space like most of the ladies hear might have experienced?? I can't tell because I cannot touch it when the cup's in because my finger won't fit.  This was not my concern at all about where the cervix sits with my smaller orange cup though, no prob at all. :(  It just seals its way in and I would be good to go.
Lady cups are just hard to remove but much comfortable to wear for me.

I really dont want to waste my Lunette Selene...How am I going to get it to work :(? I used punch down fold because it was the best one for my Orange cup and other folds are too large...Any better folds for Lunetter Selene? I can't seem to insert it with the Seven fold which I heard it works for a lot of people .
Tags: insertion - folding methods, lady cup, leakage & spotting, lunette
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