salviaviech (salviaviech) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Questions before the first use

Hey girls,

First, i'm from Austria and therefore could have a kinda bad English, i'm sorry :(

After stalking your website for quite a while, I've ordered a Size B-Mooncup from Ebay and i'm waiting for it to arrive. :D

But I want to ask you girls a few question first:

1) How does the stem cutting work? I've got little to no fingernails at all due to massive nail biting, and so i'm afraid i can't pull out the cup if i only leave half a cm of the stem. Do you need fingernails at all?

2) I guess it isn't compatible with tampons, so will i have to buy some pads when using it for the first time? I'm afreid of leaking :(

3) How does cleaning work? I haven't ordered any of the cup cleaning products. Should i do this, or are there any other products i can buy in normal stores?

Thanks in advance!
Tags: cleaning, stem length/trimming
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