powerthrough (powerthrough) wrote in menstrual_cups,


My second cycle ended last week with less success then the first with the Femmecup.
It just leaked so much. Even after a few minutes it was already leaking! And so for sure after 2 hours or less I was in the bathroom. I must have tried so many different times reinserting it and a bit different every time to try to get it right with No success!!!

This must be the wrong cup for me... or am I just putting it in wrong all of these many times!!>??
I tried the C-fold and that is the only fold but I tried straight, I tried toward my back, foot on toilet, sitting down... anyway... I guess it is not the right cup for me.

With regards to the size of the F-cup, do you think this means my vagina is longer or shorter? And which do you recommend I try next!?


I want this to work... but this last experience was very frustrating! to say the least!
Tags: leakage & spotting
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