Анастасия (stasya_s) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Hello from Russia! :)
I'm not very good at English but I can't find russian-speaking cup-user who could answer my questions... So I hope you will forgive me for my mistakes :)
I've been using my Mooncup UK for 5 periods and I still have some troubles with leaking.
I'm 25, no kids, sexual active. I use a small size - "B".
It works, and sometimes it works perfect, but another time it leaks just like there's nothing inside at all.

I tried to insert it in different ways:
- low, right next to the entrance of vagina - works, but I fill it and the stem pokes me.
- higher, towards my cervix - but when it is inside, I can't say if it is around my cervix or not... how can I check it? So it usually leaks when inserted like this - means that I do something wrong?

I could wear it low, but in time it rides up anyway, and sometimes not to my cervix - so it starts to leak a lot.

So how do you think what should I do?
Try to incert it around my cervix (but how can I do it?) ?
Or shoud I try a wider/longer cup that wouldn't ride up in wrong direction when inserted?
I should add that my Mooncup "B" seats very tightly, I can hardly insert a finger to check the suction.
And my cervix is not low during my period (about 6-7 sm).
Tags: leakage & spotting

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