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So I went ahead and ordered a Divacup since the small Mooncup US that I originally got has such a low capacity, and when it came in the mail the other day I did a dry run and it seemed to fit pretty well. Problem is, I just noticed there is a crack in it above one of the holes, and in fact none of the holes seem to have been punched out very well. From what I've read here, Diva customer service kind of sucks and it may take months for them to send me a replacement. Well, my husband and I are going on a camping trip in a couple weeks which happens to also coincide with my period, and I don't want to have to be emptying my Mooncup every few hours the whole time. So I'm not sure if I spend another $25 on a new Divacup (which who knows, could also turn out to be defective!) or just tough it out with my Mooncup (because hey, it would probably still be better than pads and tampons). But I can't make up my mind what I should do. What do you all think? Another issue is that I don't want to wake up in the morning having leaked all over the place because the Mooncup overflowed! Bringing disposable pads and tampons is out of the question, and the idea of buying some cloth pads for this one trip doesn't thrill me either.

I am really irritated with the Diva company for sending me a defective product. Argh!

EDIT: Okay, so I emailed about the problem since I didn't expect a reply from the Diva company, and they said they would issue me a full refund. I don't even have to send the defective cup back to them. Also, they replied to my email in less than half an hour. Wow! Iherb officially rocks.
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