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MCUK, Lunette Selene(sm), Possibly removing smells.

Hello Ladies!

I've been lurking in this community for a while, but never actually posted. Quick about me: 27, no kids, on the heavy side, low hanging cervix. Or I think it's low, it's around 1.5 inches(4.5cm) from my outer labia during my period. At any rate, I've been using cups for around 3 years, and of course, I love them! I even accidentally converted a friend just by virtue of raving about the awesomeness of my cup.

My first cup was an Mooncup UK, size "b" or the small one. I've cut the stem all the way off, but occasionally I can feel it anyways. Usually only if I'm riding my bike. I assume this is because when I'm on my bike everything gets compressed, except the cup. I also constantly had problems with even the tiniest organic applicatorless tampons poking me, too. But that didn't bother me. It was always easy to insert and remove for me, popped right open. Taking it out I would just grab the base and yank, suction be damned. I didn't care about an extra cramp from the suction. xD

But then, about 6 months ago, I got a copper IUD. This changed things, I used my cup for my first cycle after the IUD was inserted. I had tried using pads, but I just couldn't handle it. I had honestly forgotten how disgusting and uncomfortable they were. But then I quickly discovered the joys of overflowing a cup! I have a light flow compared to most of my women friends, so I never had that problem before. I was emptying a completely full MCUK every 2 hours. Not good! So I went shopping. Thanks to the lovely comparison charts on this community, I opted for a small Lunette Selene. Now I can get away with 4 hours on my heaviest day before it overflows. I can live with that. The Lunette is harder to pop open compared to the MCUK, but there seems to be less suction. At least, after the IUD I tried to be careful of the suction with my MCUK and it took a lot longer to break the suction and remove than the Lunette. I've also cut the tab about halfway off my Lunette, and I haven't had the poking problems I had with my MCUK. For some reason, though, my menstrual blood often seems to have a smell from the Lunette that I never noticed with my MCUK. I have no idea why that is, but it's not horribly offensive nor does the smell linger on the cup, so I'm not worried.

But, this brings me to this period! My period was dragging its feet and was refusing to come. I was getting red dribble for a couple days and I finally said, "enough is enough!" and bought some fresh parsley. I've found parsley tea and a parsley pessary work wonders to make a late period show. And because I *was* dribbling a little bit of blood, I didn't want to just insert the parsley and leave it, It would have leaked! So I stuffed my Lunette full of parsley and inserted it. I hardly have to fold either cup for insertion, so the fact that it was full and not easily squishable didn't bother me. The parsley stuffed cup wasn't in terribly long, maybe 4 hours. I was worried the cup hadn't sealed, being so full of fresh parsley leaves, and would leak. I also had some parsley tea that day and lo and behold the next day, the floodgates had opened! So, good. Then I had to empty my Lunette a bunch, and one time while doing so, I noticed that funk I mentioned earlier. After rinsing my cup off (I don't use soap anymore except for right at the end of my cycle before boiling) I sniffed it, to make sure the funk hadn't lingered. And I could still smell the parsley from the day before! It sure smelled nice and fresh. I was surprised. But I'm wondering if anyone has ever thought to use parsley to get rid of smells on their cup? Perhaps stuffing the cup full of fresh parsley and then boiling? Or allowing it to soak in warm water? Is that insane? I know parsley is recommended as a breath freshener after eating, but maybe it would work as a cup freshener, too.

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