Sarah (rosethorn05) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Roller coasters and the like

Hello all!

Every now and then we get the slew of questions about can I use cups doing this, that, or the other activity, and the answer is usually yes, you can. However, I didn't remember anyone asking about riding roller coasters, and a quick search through the tags and memories confirmed that we'd discussed it briefly, but never really said yes or no definitely, so I thought a quick post might be in order.

I went to my favorite theme park yesterday, on a heavy day of my period, rode all the coasters, and my Divacup did just fine. Nary a leak. So, that in mind: roller coasters are a-ok with a cup in, if that's your cup of tea. :)

Just wanted to share that in case this question comes up in the future!
Tags: seal & suction, sports/physical activities

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