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US Teen & Lilac Cup.

Hello Ladies.

I'm fourteen, five foot one, 110 pounds, tiny framed, and can't put in a tampon.
However, the cotton-y feel does bother me with those, so maybe, just maybe this will be better.

I've been reading posts on this site for about six months,
but have yet to purchase a menstrual cup.
They seem great, but I have had doubts with my ability to put them in, etc.

However, now i'm willing to take the needed time and focus on insertion.
I'm in an intensive cheer camp right now, and periods and cheer is bad enough,
without going through pads and cheer.
So, i'm going to order one, hopefully today.

I decided on the Lady Cup (in Lilac) because it's the smallest.
However, the website and ordering is hugely confusing.
And I have a few general questions.

First off: getting one:

Do the colors make a difference?
Is their website the only place that sells them?
How long does it take to ship (i'd really really really like to have it within a week)?
Are there any US stores that carry them instock? Can you give me some examples?
And if there isn't another option explain how to order off their website, please!
+What should I order? Cleaning gel? 

Second off: getting it in & out.
What are good folds to use?
Good positions? 
Can I try putting it in when i'm not in my cycle?

How do I attempt to get it out?
Cleaning it?

General comments?

Thank you all so much in advance.
Love, Luckyy23.
Tags: insertion, lady cup, removal

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