Eibag (eibag) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Cramps are worse

Hi Everyone,

Well, first off let me just say how excited I am to finally be using this wonderful thing called the Diva Cup :) !!!

I started it yesterday, put it in no problem and removal was hard the first time but i got the hang of it :)

The only thing is... I have reaaaaaaaally bad cramps! I mean, I usually have cramps during my period but they are SO painful right now and are never this bad. Is there a reason for this? Did i put it in wrong? I know it's opened and I don't feel it.. there isn't any leakage either... Is my body just getting used to the cup or something? ahhhg it hurts.

Other thing, it's so messy when I take it out! I know it's obviously going to be messy but do you guys have any tips to make it less messy? It's hard because the sink isn't close and then I'm trying not to make a mess everywhere!

Anyways, sorry if these questions have been answered already somewhere, I was just in a lot of pain and didn't really have the strenght to browse!

Tags: cleaning, cramps, divacup

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