Terri (eccentricterri) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Diva Customer Services leaves much to be desires

I ordered my cup from South Coast Shopping online June 6th. My cup was shipped fast and I got great customer service. Open up the cup and there is a crack in the material on the seam. It is right above on of the holes. One of the holes was not punched out either. I emailed both South Coast Shopping and Diva. I got a response right away from SCS and a phone call. I have to say the gentleman on the phone was very pleasant, helpful, and very knowledgeable about menstrual cups. There was only one issue. The seller of the cup can't help with a manufacturing issue. I wish that it was just that easy because I believe the situation would have been solved asap. I got an email from Diva customer service one June 10th telling me to take pictures of my cup and email them. I did exactly what was asked on June 15th so that I could get a replacement right away. However, I asked that hey confirm that my email was received. Well three days later(June 18th), I sent another email with all the information again letting them know that this was a follow up email because I never got confirmation that they received anything. I am still without a new diva cup without any updates on the status of my replacement cup nor if they even deemed it a manufacturing issue. How in the heck am I going to get a replacement cup in the 3 weeks if there has been no determination made?

I wish that I didn't love my diva cup so much. I have thought about getting another cup but none have similar shapes to the diva. I am just so frustrated. I don't know if I will ever order anything sold as a Diva product again because this is the poorest customer service that I have had in a long time. Seriously, I have heard issues in the past with Diva but I wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt. I am really just frustrated.

Maybe when I get paid in two week, I will just order a different cup. Any other cup companies that I should stay away from solely based on their customer service. I will be going over the comparison charts tonight trying to decide on new cup. I just don't want to have the same issues with another company.
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